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Football Is Back!!!

Spanish La Liga: 8 June (confirmed)

English Premier League: Target resume on 12 or 19 June

English Championship: Insider source reveals 6 June

Italian Serie A: 13 June - awaiting goverment approval

China Super League: 27 June

Betting On German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga will resume on the 15 June marks the first return of major European football.

With 2 month of absence in football betting, we have concluded some analysis and statistic to get over the season.

Draw And Away Win
Bundesliga have 83 draw games in 2017/18 season which is 26.95% while 2018/19 have 75 games or 24.35%. However there are only 49 draw games or 21.88% this season.

Pleas take note on draw game for Leipzig, Schalke and Wolfsburg who have the most draw results in last 2 seasons.

Meanwhile Bundesliga recorded 27.6% away win rate for 2017/18 season while 2018/19 have 30.84% and amazingly it is 34.82% for this season. The statistic shows Bundesliga teams are getting closer and underdogs have equal chance of winning to the host.

Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg are the duo to look out for their away game.

Goal Line
There were 860 goals, average 2.79 goals per game in 2017/18 season, while it was 977 goals, 3.17 goals per game for 2018/19. So far there are 728 goals , 3.25 goals per games this season. More goals are scored and expect more goals to come.

Bayern Munich vs Dortmund have always ended in 3 or above 3 goals, while Werder Bremen, Frankfurt, Mainz and Hertha Berlin always ended in high scoring result.

I would like to emphasise particularly on Schalke who have suffered a set back due to severe players injury but all are coming back to fight for higher place.

Why Bookies Will Never Get The Right Opening Odds

Sports bookies have been around as early in the 18th century and developed a special relationship with sports games where both are very much depending on each other.

However, despite years and years of experience in setting the opening odds, bookies are still struggling to get the right opening odds to determine the favorite team and the underdog.

Sports are not math but it needs more than a rocket scientist to calculate an outcome of a game.

With reference to our 18/19 English Premier League, bookies have only 59% of the success rate in picking the right favorite teams that won while the underdog claimed the remaining 41%.

Conventionally sports bookies will set the opening odds based on the probability of each outcome alongside with all the potential influences to the final result including, the home and away advantage, players injury, upcoming schedule as well as the pitch and weather conditions to come out with a set of perfect numbers for opening odds. BUT, there is one last thing before it is pushed to the market - an ‘X’ factor of how bookies think punters will bet on each outcome.

It is the ‘X’ factor that has the final influence on the opening odds which is a un-known that makes a game unpredictable.

We'll share our betting experiences while waiting for the game to be resumed.
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