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A simultinious data tracking system designed to collect football betting odds from singaporepools and display in a very simple and easy to read layout in comparing opening odds to current betting odds.

Singaporepools football opening odds

Being the only legalised football bookie in Singapore, Singaporepools played a pivotal part in both local as well as international betting scene. The rapid fluctuation of football betting odds across all bet types are based on the stake received on each outcome and also the adjustment according to the international sports bookies have served as a very good pointer to market sentiment.


How can you benefit from odds tracking?

Market sentiment is real and no one can manipulate an odds direction wether up or down with the amount involved are in ten to hundred of thousands. By observing betting odds movement, we can figure out which team has the higher chance of winning.


Bologna vs Juventus on 12 Jan 2019

Look closely, the betting odds for Juventus to win, Juventus 1/2 Goal, Total 2 Goals, Juventus AA and correct score of Juventus to win 2-0 all dropped significantly.

What was the full time result for this game?
Bologna 0-2 Juventus


The reflection of market direction and sentiments have correctly predicted the outcome of this game but do take note that NOT all dropping odds guaranteed win. Please bet with care!